2019 Kitchen Design Trends

Brace for impact, 2019. It’s going to be an innovative year for kitchen design. Composite materials, curated aesthetic, monochromatic color palettes, and matte finish metals all take center stage as we quickly round the corner toward the 2020s. The trends taking shape are bound to be just as opulent and expressive as the 1920s were. So put on the Great Gatsby soundtrack and suit up as we unpack this forecast of future-friendly kitchen design.



1. Quartz

These manufactured stone countertops come in an almost unending variety of colors, styles, and patterns. Caesarstone, Silestone, and Corian each offer quality options for all types of budgets and provide the look of luxurious stone.

2. Terrazzo

Traditionally used for flooring in high-traffic public buildings, terrazzo has been hitting the residential market by storm. This aggregate and epoxy product is highly customizable and perfect for creating a unique and highly durable countertop to last for decades to come.



1. Slab

Emphasizing clean and controlled design, more and more people are opting to wrap their countertop onto the wall. We’re seeing anywhere from 12” to 24” slab backsplashes taking modern kitchen design to new heights.

2. Tile

For those of us who still prefer a tile backsplash, 2019 will be full of fun tile shapes in solid colors. Monochromatic spaces will be hot this coming year.



1. Drawers everywhere

Say goodbye to traditional shelves below the countertop. Drawers with smart inserts for storing everything from plates to small appliances are taking over. Maybe we’ll finally stop losing that crockpot cord that always manages to get unplugged and shoved into a back corner!

2. Integrated handles

Preferring a cleaner aesthetic and taking advantage of assisted, push-to-open technology, upper and lower cabinets are losing door and drawer pulls altogether, opting for recessed handles or no hardware at all.

3. Hidden kitchens

Hidden handles are one thing, but hiding your entire kitchen is taking it to the next level. More people are opting for concealed cooktops and counter space that fades into the background when not in use.

4. Minimizing uppers or using them for display

Millennials are investing in quality, handmade ceramics and stoneware that deserve to be shown off. Rather than hiding your pretty plates in a cabinet, opting for open shelving provides a perfect solution and ease of access.



1. Under-counter

Microwave drawers, coffee machines, and more are finding new homes under the counter, particularly on the kitchen island. This smart way of hiding appliances keeps things functional and looking clean.

2. Built-in

Minimalism and simplicity continue to dominate home design trends across the board. In the kitchen, that translates into paneled and integrated appliances ranging from counter-depth refrigerators to dishwashers and beyond.

3. Induction

With kitchen safety and innovation on the forefront of manufacturers’ minds, look out for smart cooktops that are hidden under your countertop and remain cool to the touch with induction technology. Pair special induction-ready pans with these futuristic stoves to decrease cook time and protect juniors’ hands from burns.



1. Matte

Appliances, faucets, and cabinet hardware are all receiving a smooth matte finish in this 2019 kitchen design trend. The days of brushed and polished metals have come to an end.

2. New Metals

Continue to be on the lookout for new metal finishes appearing in kitchens beyond traditional chrome and stainless steel. While brass has taken 2018 by storm, copper, matte black, and solid color powder coats will be center stage in 2019.

Caleb Amundson