Creating our Dream Living Room

When it comes time to replace your ratty, sagging sofa or breathe some new life into a tired space, follow these simple principles to guarantee a living room you won’t want to leave.


Play Up The Contrast

Think light and dark, smooth and textured, old and new, bright and neutral. Find balance for your space by incorporating plenty of contrasting elements. We recommend a neutral color palette on the walls. Take the sophistication up a step by painting trim the same color as the wall itself. This timeless move will create an elegant backdrop for art and furniture that will bring color into the space.


Invest In An Heirloom And A Few Transitional Pieces

Every living room needs an anchor: a statement furniture piece that draws people in and says, “Kick off your shoes and stay a while.” We recommend forking over the cash for a nice sofa, arm chair, or credenza that you’ll pass down to your kids someday. Pieces that will never go out of style? Wingback chairs, a tailored leather loveseat, and a simple walnut TV cabinet. Think back to grandma and grandpa’s when you were little. What piece of furniture did you like the most? The least? Let those memories guide you to your destiny.


Consider Your Daily Use

What is your family’s routine? Do you eat breakfast around the coffee table with cartoons on? Do you have a weekly game night? Maybe you need an hour in the afternoon to relax and get your second wind? Thinking about who’s in the space together and what you’re doing is a quick exercise that will show you exactly how to arrange furniture in your living room. List out Sunday-Saturday, morning, noon, and night. Make a quick matrix and jot down what activities are happening when. It might surprise you and justify that new leather pouf you’ve been eyeing.


Don’t Over Think It

At the end of the day, know that your living room is flexible. It should adapt and change as your family grows. Don’t be afraid to try out a new furniture arrangement. Splurge on an awesome planter every once in a while. And go to that local art sale. Your living room’s job is to hold the people you want to snuggle up with. To allow you to play and rest and do life together. So keep it honest, real, and simple. And make it work for you. Who cares if it doesn’t look perfect on Instagram?


Need Some Inspiration?

Check out this Pinterest inspiration board for the living room reno Katie and Jared are working on in their 1890s Folk Victorian home.


May the force be with you.


Caleb Amundson is an interior architect with experience in residential remodeling and building custom furniture. He currently lives and works between Kansas City, Lawrence, and Manhattan, KS.

Caleb Amundson