Mastering your Master Bedroom Layout & Design

Is your master bedroom leaving much to be desired? Carefully considering the layout and design of a master bedroom can have a considerable impact on your rest and wellbeing. Environmental psychologists have studied the positive effects of calming colors, cleanliness, and Feng Shui on your ability to de-stress and recharge. Let’s dive into a couple of helpful principals to keep in mind as you’re considering the layout and design of your master bedroom.


Bedroom Layout

There are two primary styles of master bedrooms: a standard bedroom with an adjoining closet and a master suite which consists of a master bedroom, an attached closet, and a private bathroom. Whatever style of master bedroom you currently have or are planning for in a new home, consider these tips for laying out your space.


It goes without saying that you need to be able to get where you’re going. But what if you could go a step further and create intentional, logical pathways that are cohesive to your daily routine? Take a few minutes to walk the path from when you get out of bed to when you’re done getting ready for the day. Analyze where you’ve had to make compromises. Even drawing out a quick diagram of your space and how you would walk through it in an ideal scenario can be an insightful exercise. Once you’ve seen how you use your space and have dreamed about how it would be in a more perfect world, take the leap and move things around! You’ll be glad you did.


One of the single most impactful moves you can make to better your space is use the idea of hierarchy. When you see those perfectly styled bedrooms online, but can’t quite figure out why your own space doesn’t have the same pizzaz, it’s probably due to a lack of hierarchy. Here’s the rule: have one primary, two secondary, and a few tertiary objects in each space. Anything outside of those groupings just becomes visual clutter. In the bedroom, what’s the one most important object? Probably the bed! Knowing that, arrange your space in a way where everything else orients around the perfect position of your bed. That also probably translates to where you spend your money. Invest in a quality bed frame, linens, and throws. Everything else can take a back seat until you have the spare cash to update. Once you’ve positioned your bed, you can think through your circulation and where it makes the most sense to place your secondary elements. And, you’ve got it, then place the tertiary elements. All of this rearranging might mean sacrificing your bedroom TV (scary, I know, but science actually shows that bedrooms used only for sleeping are much more conducive for their intended purpose) or moving out that extra chair that you never actually use. All in all, you and your mind be much happier with a simplified space!


Bedroom Design

Feng Shui — Bed Placement

One important consideration when you’re rearranging your bed is to keep the principals of Feng Shui in mind. In an ideal world, the bed should never be on the same wall as the door into the room. Your feet also shouldn’t point toward the bedroom or bathroom doors. To keep good energy in the space, place your bed toward the opposite corner of the room as the entry door. That way you still have a good view of the door and can rest easy. If that arrangement isn’t possible, you can always place a foot board or a bench at the end of your bed to reflect your energy back into the space. And remember, Feng Shui isn’t for everybody, so don’t be afraid to try out a few different arrangements and see what feels comfortable and helps you to sleep soundly.

Feng Shui — Color

Natural earth tones like tans, terra cotta, blues, and greens help set the tone for a good night’s rest. If you prefer a more cool neutral palette, consider painting an accent wall with a natural hue to set your mind at peace. Use color to help with your hierarchy. Headboard walls look fantastic when painted a complementary color to the rest of the space.



We were made with 5 different senses for a reason, so don’t forget to engage each of them in your bedroom. A little bit of white noise is often the trick to slowing down your heart after a long day. Consider a small fan that can be stowed away when not in use. Essential oil diffusers or natural candles are another fantastic way to warm up a space. Invigorating scents like orange and lemongrass can help wake you up in the morning, and calming scents like lavender and peppermint make great evening companions for winding down.

Closet Organization

If you think that shoving everything in your closet and closing the door will bring peace and balance to your master bedroom, you should stop kidding yourself. It will keep nagging at you until you take care of it! Investing in a quality closet organization system with room for everything that seems to collect over the years is one you’ll never regret. Check out brands like California Closets and even IKEA. Whether your space needs some closed-door wardrobes or just “a place for everything and everything in it’s place,” a little bit of storage goes a long way in helping create a master bedroom that is truly a retreat at the beginning and end of every day.



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