What's Included in My Drawing Set?


It’s surprising how much information is needed to build a new home. They make it look so easy on TV – the designers create some loose sketches, you go on a weekend vacation, and then return to a brand new home. If it was only that simple.

Our team has specialized in the custom residential design industry for the past 15 years, working on projects that range from true Hollywood mansions to 500 sqft detached dwelling units. The basics of what is needed for pricing and constructing these homes can be communicated in a core set of drawings listed below.

  • Title Sheet

  • Foundation Plan

  • Floor Plan

  • Roof Plan

  • Exterior Elevations

  • Building Sections

  • Door and Window Schedules

Our plan sets provide this core set of drawings that will help you communicate your design ideas, obtain construction pricing, select a building lot, and work with the local building officials. In fact, this is the exact sheet list we issue for a custom designed home to make sure we are on track for pricing and to coordinate with all the engineers and consultants. However, unlike the custom design process, Porch Light Plans doesn’t delve into providing every detail. This results in plan sets that are very affordable and easy to modify.

Your plan set

In each PDF set of our home we provide the following drawings and information.

Title Sheet

The title sheet provides general project information. It shows an exterior image of the house, a list of all drawings, defines symbols and abbreviations and provides general notes for the contractor.

Foundation Plan

Our foundation plan is fully dimensioned and shows the footprint of the building and the type of foundation; for instance, slab on grade, crawl space, or basement.

Foundation plans are specific to each home and where they are built. In our plans we suggest a crawl space because it’s affordable and provides the best access for mechanical, plumbing, and utilities. If your home needs a basement or slab on grade, we can easily modify the plan to fit your needs.

Floor Plans

(Basement, First Floor, and Second Floor if applicable)

The floor plan(s) illustrate the layout of the home and are fully dimensioned and annotated, so the contractor can locate walls, windows, door openings, plumbing fixtures, and cabinets. Our floor plans are fully designed providing bathroom and kitchen layouts. We also suggest furniture arrangements on the plans. (What good is a room if you can’t place furniture in it?!)

Roof Plan

The roof plan shows the dimensions and slope of the roof and indicates where the ridge, hips, and valleys occur.

Exterior Elevations

We love our 3D exterior renderings, but the Exterior Elevations are essential to building a home. They communicate the layout of all the exterior walls showing windows, exterior materials, roof conditions, and decks / porches. They are fully dimensioned, so the contractor knows how to put the home together in 3D.

Building Sections

Imagine cutting your house in half. That’s exactly what we do when we create building sections. These drawings establish the major vertical dimensions and illustrate how the framing elements of the home are connected. The conditions of the foundation, floors, walls, ceilings, and roofs are drawn so the contractor understands how to construct the home. The building sections provide enough dimensions and detail for a skilled contractor to build while still allowing the home to be easily customized.

Door and Window Schedules

The schedules sheet typically consists of all information required for the interior and exterior doors and windows in the home showing size, quantity, operation and special features for each type of unit. Your builder can use this sheet to price window and door packages with different manufacturers.


—Jared, Katie, and Roy

Jared Hoke, Katie Hoke, and Roy Ley are the three partners behind Porch Light Plans. They each have over a decade of experience in high end residential architecture and interior design and bring that expertise to the affordable house plans offered by Porch Light.

Find and buy your dream house plan. We’re always ready to assist you with any modifications to suit your style or unique family’s needs.

Caleb Amundson