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Let's start off on the right foot and figure out what you need.

If you're just beginning, we'll walk you through the whole home building process from planning to permitting. Or if you're already well on your way, we're happy to jump in and point you further in the right direction toward move-in day.

*Consultations last 1 hour.


What do you need help with?

There are three major phases you should consider with your project.

We're happy to start at the beginning or jump in wherever you're currently at. Already have your lot purchased? Awesome. Let's skip to zoning and code review in order to figure out what you can build.


Phase 1 — Planning & Budgeting

1. Creating a budget
2. Selecting a site
3. Site zoning review
4. Local code review
5. Choosing a builder
6. Lining up consultants


Phase 2 — Design

1. Creating your program
2. Selecting a plan
3. Customizing your plan
4. Selecting exterior finishes
5. Selecting interior finishes


Phase 3 — Permitting

1. Draft permit drawings
2. Coordinate with local municipality
4. Coordinate with the builder


Have other questions?

Jot them down on your consultation form.

We'll make sure all of them are covered in our meeting. And as more questions come up, don't hesitate to reach out.