1. How do I modify or customize my plan?

We are here to help! We know that a “one size fits all” approach to homes does not work for everyone. Our plans are designed to be easily modified to fit your site and specific needs. To start the modification process just fill our handy Modify My Plan form. We'll get back to you within the next day with a quote on how much time we'll need to make your requested changes. Then, you'll just purchase some studio time on our website and we will turn your changes around in three business days.

2. How will my drawings be delivered?

Once you complete your purchase, a PDF will automatically start downloading from your browser. You will also have a link email directly to you. Please note you have 24hrs to download your plans from this link.

3. What's included?

Our plan sets include dimensioned drawings of the following:

  1. Cover sheet with general notes

  2. Foundation Plan

  3. Floor Plan(s)

  4. Roof Plan with slope indication

  5. Exterior Elevations of each facade

  6. Exterior Materials and Material Schedule

  7. Building Sections (2)

  8. Door and Window Schedules

4. How much will it cost to build?

Great question. Construction costs vary drastically based on your location, contractor, and level of finish. A home built in the Midwest can be half the cost of the same home built on the East or West coast. Our plan sets contain enough information for your contractor to provide a general pricing estimate.

5. Am I allowed to make copies of the plans?

Absolutely. But only to use on your own project. We don't allow our plans to be resold or used to build more than one house. Check out our terms and conditions for more details.

6. Do you offer help during construction?

We would love to lend our expertise of working with contractors and managing projects as you bring your dream into reality. You can purchase hourly studio time toward any support you need throughout the entire construction process.

7. Can I submit the drawings directly to my local building department?

Most likely. But each town, county, and city have specific requirements that you will need to follow when submitting your plans. Unfortunately, there is not a universal building permit submittal standard for the US. We suggest visiting your local building department with your plans in hand so that they can guide you in the right direction. And we are here to help if you need to modify the plans or add additional information. Refer to FAQ No. 1 for more information.

8. Are these plans engineered for my location?

North America has a vast variety of building conditions. A home in an earthquake zone has different requirements than a home in a hurricane zone or one with heavy snow loads. There isn't a good way to design one house to meet all of those requirements—it would be a tank! You'll need to work with your local building department and a structural engineer to finalize the structural design of your home. We are happy to connect you with one if you reach out.



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