Terms & Conditions

The house plans were created, designed, and produced by the architects at Hoke Ley LLC for Porch Light Plans LLC, of Lawrence, Kansas.  These designs are the express property of the firm.  Our designs, plan packages, and home images are copyrighted with the United States Copyright Office and are the property of Porch Light Plans LLC.


House Plans and Designs Copyrighted

Architectural work is considered intellectual property and is protected by copyright laws.  Copyright laws prohibit the use of an architect’s designs or drawings without written permission of the architect.  It is against the law to copy designs and drawings found online, in books, magazines or other publications.  Copying an existing built home or home plan is illegal.


One-Time Rights

All home plans sold on Porch Light Plans LLC include a copyright release and license to build a single home.  The purchase of these home plans grants permission to the original buyer to use the plans to build a single home.  The purchased plans may not be used to build multiple homes, resold or reproduced without written permission of Porch Light Plans LLC.


Conditions of Use, House Plans

The buyer of the home plans (homeowner or contractor) from Porch Light Plans LLC has permission to make physical copies and lend the plan set to parties required for the financing, permitting, and construction of a single home. 


Building Codes, Structural Engineering, and Construction

Porch Light Plans LLC is providing the home plans on this website as a design guide only.  It is the sole responsibility of the home owner to ensure that their plan meets all building, life safety, and energy codes for their local jurisdiction.  The homeowner is also responsible for hiring a structural engineer, civil engineer and geotechnical engineer (if required) to meet the criteria for construction of their home.  The contractor is responsible for verifying all measurements and building assemblies prior to the start of construction.



Porch Light Plans LLC allows the buyer of the home plans to make modifications to the home plans on their own or by employing another designer or architect.  Porch Light Plans LLC retains ownership of the modified plans and the plans are only to be used to construct a single home.


Privacy Policy

Porch Light Plans LLC does not collect or save your personal information.  We only use your name and email to deliver your home plans.  We hate spam and we will never sell your email address.  We use Stripe to collect payments and you can view their privacy policy here https://stripe.com/us/privacy